Siegel Strategies

Jimmy Siegel

Jimmy Siegel spent over 20 years at advertising agency BBDO, beginning as a junior copywriter and ultimately becoming vice chairman, senior executive creative director and member of the Board of Directors. Jimmy’s work at BBDO (for brands including Visa, Pepsi and Schwab) garnered numerous prestigious advertising awards such as Clios and Cannes Lions. His post-September 11 ode to New York City for Visa garnered Jimmy one of his three Emmy nominations.

In addition to having been a creative force within the advertising industry, Jimmy is also a NY times best-selling author. He has written four novels: Epitaph, Derailed, Detour and Deceit. Derailed, a thriller about murderous deception, was adapted into a 2005 feature film starring Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston.

Jimmy’s next endeavor led him into the world of politics. A self-described ‘political junkie,’ Jimmy knew he wanted to get into political advertising when he left BBDO in December 2005. At a fundraising gala for former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, Jimmy approached Spitzer about doing advertising for his campaign and was given the job of creative director. The advertising done for Spitzer 2006 was described as “emotionally stirring” by The New York Times and “fresh and effective” by the New York Daily News. In addition, the campaign was cited by various blogs, including the popular Daily Kos, as powerfully effective and emotional advertising.

This led to the formation of a media consulting firm, and political and issue campaigns all around the country. Jimmy has worked on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, Andrew Cuomo’s campaign for Attorney General, Chris Koster’s Attorney General run in Missouri, and John Kitzhaber’s successful run for governor in Oregon., to name a few. He’s also created campaigns for AFSCME, and for the Doe Fund, an organization that helps the homeless.

Jimmy also wrote, directed and narrated “Hope Deferred”-a documentary about stem cell research, which has garnered awards at several film festivals around the country.

Jimmy lives in Manhattan.

Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan has managed, advised, and professionally consulted for Democratic candidates at the national, statewide, congressional, and local levels since 1996.

Jordan began his career in politics that year as the Communications Director for then- Congressman Tim Johnson in his successful run against incumbent South Dakota Senator Larry Pressler.

After moving to Washington, Jordan worked as Communications Director for Senators Robert Torricelli and John Kerry. He managed strategy and communications for Chairman John Glenn and Minority Leader Tom Daschle for the Democrats on the Senate Government Affairs Committee during the 1997 hearings on the Clinton re-election campaign’s fundraising practices. Similarly, he was retained by House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt to advise Judiciary Committee Democrats during the 1998 Impeachment hearings.

Over the next two election cycles, Jordan served as Communications Director, Political Director, and finally as Executive Director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Over his tenure, the Committee helped to engineer the surprise six-seat pick up in 2000, and to mitigate the political damage in the very difficult post-9/11 2002 cycle.

Jordan managed John Kerry’s political operation for more than five years, including the strategic planning during the run up to his 2004 presidential run. That culminated in Jordan’s service as Kerry’s Campaign Manager until November of 2003.

Upon his departure from the Kerry campaign, Jordan founded his own strategic and communications shop, The Thunder Road Group. He has advised Democratic candidates at the House, Senate, gubernatorial and local levels. He has also had as clients a variety of independent political efforts (527s, c-3 and 4 organizations, party committees, and independent expenditure programs), progressive interest groups, professional trade organizations, and corporations.

He served as Senior Strategic Advisor for Senator Dodd’s presidential run, and headed the DSCC’s $85 million Independent Expenditure program during the 2008 cycle (helping net eight new Democratic Senate seats).

Jordan has previously been associated with two prominent Democratic media firms – GMMB and Shorr, Johnson, Magnus – doing strategic media and messaging for political candidates, party committees, independent expenditure campaigns, non-profits, and trade associations.

Miriam Hess

Miriam Hess has bridged politics, public service, and law, and made her mark in all three. A graduate of George Washington University and St. Louis University’s schools of Law and Public Health where she graduated with honors, Miriam began her career focusing on access to healthcare, working with NARAL/NY, Sisters of Mercy Health System and later with the law firm of Manatt, Phelps and Phillips.

She continued to focus on access to critical services with the New York Department of Homeless Services where she worked to reform the NYC Shelter system.
Then for two years, she was Deputy Campaign Manager for the gubernatorial campaign of Eliot Spitzer, where she not only oversaw the campaign’s day-to-day operations but helped put together the media team and managed production of the TV and web campaigns. She then went to work in the investment bank at UBS. While at UBS, Miriam focused on financing government projects and seeking investment opportunities in infrastructure.

Presently, Miriam is a principal in Siegel Strategies, a political communications firm representing clients nationwide and has advised elected officials and organizations throughout the country including: John Kitzhaber, the newly elected governor of Oregon; Gavin Newsom, California’s lieutenant governor; John Kerry and AFSCME.

In addition to her work, Miriam is an active member of her community volunteering and serving on the boards of The Paper Bag Players, one of the oldest children’s theater groups in the country and Ubuntu Africa which delivers critical services to children and teens living with HIV/AIDS in Khayelitsha, South Africa.